The Simplest, Most Affordable Way to

Eat Organic, Locally-Grown Food

From Farm to Table in Less Than 24 Hours


Why should I get my food from Farm Fresh Miami?  Watch the video below to learn more.   

FARMfreshMIAMI is committed to providing South Florida
residents with the highest quality, local, organic food at prices below retail. Your fruits and veggies always come from trusted organic and sustainable farms. They are delivered on a bi-weekly basis to a pick-up location near your home or office.  In season (November-May), you get delicious, farm fresh, organic produce, harvested at the farm just days (and in some cases hours) before they are delivered to your table. Out of season (June-October) we cast our sourcing net a little broader, extending beyond the local South Florida farms, to ensure that our members continue to receive fresh, high-quality, organic produce all year long. Each share consists of a thoughtful assortment of produce, dependent on what is harvested that week. Each share invariably consists of a few leafy greens, ripe fruits and vegetables, select roots and herbs, along with recipe suggestions to help us enjoy each and every item. The cost is either $50 for the full or juicer’s share, and $33 for the half share, every two weeks (far less than retail for organic produce.)  There is a one-time-ever $30 registration fee when you sign up. What’s the BEST PART?  Members can now customize their shares by selecting additional a la carte items from our growing list of Extras (all your staple items from farm eggs to freshly baked bread, organic nuts, coffee, local artisanal snacks,  hand-made pasta… and much more!) 

For examples of what is included in a share, visit our ‘WHAT’s FRESH’ page. To find a pick-up location near you, or to Join us now, click ‘Join Now!’.  If you would like to start a new pick-up location, please email us at info@farmfreshmiami.com or give us a call at (786) 529-1391.


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